Zachary Smith
December 11, 2017

The manufacturing industry is one of the largest and most influential sectors of the United States economy. It also accounts for a similarly large piece of the American workforce — the industry employs 8.7 percent of the country, making it the third-largest industry in terms of jobs.

But what is it like for the millions of people who actually work in the industry? The truth is, it's pretty fantastic. Here are some reasons why:

Contributing To The Economy

The manufacturing industry helps support the global and national economies, as well as individuals WorkingInMfg.jpgand families.

Research shows that manufacturing is ranked among the most important industries in maintaining a strong U.S. economy and eight in 10 Americans believe U.S. manufacturing is important to maintain Americans' standard of living.

Research also shows that manufacturing has the highest multiplier effect of any other major sector. In fact, every dollar spent in manufacturing contributes another $1.81 to the economy, allowing the industry to add nearly $2.2 trillion to the U.S. economy.

Clearly, manufacturing is having a big impact on jobs, livelihoods and the economy. That’s something to be proud of.

On The Cutting Edge

We’ve talked about this at length before, but manufacturing has always been on the cutting edge of technology. 3D printing, drones, and the Internet of Things are just the latest examples of manufacturing companies adopting new technology long before the public gets their hands on it. And, for all the tech heads in the industry, that is the best reason to get up and go to work each day. It’s good to be ahead of the curve.

Exciting Sectors Of Work

For some, relaying details about their jobs may be met with disinterest and boredom. But that’s not the case for those in manufacturing who can regale friends about developments in aerospace, share the latest in food manufacturing with families over Thanksgiving dinner, or tell neighbors about the newest pharmaceuticals they are processing. With so much excitement within the industry, you’ll have plenty of awesome information to share with those outside of it.

It’s Totally Safe

A huge myth the industry has been fighting for decades is how unsafe manufacturing is. And for a long time, it absolutely was a high risk career path plagued by chemicals, machines, and other hazards. But we’ve come a long way. Robots are making our jobs safer, and technology like the Internet of Things and automation keeps us out of harms way. We are working smarter, and safer, than ever before.

Fruits Of Your Labor

One of the great benefits to working in this industry is the fact that you are often working on real, tangible products. Whether working on every day items you can buy at the store or huge set pieces for blockbuster movies, you can point to something and get the very satisfying pleasure of saying “I made that.” That’s more than most service or white collar jobs can say.

Room To Grow

Once you choose a sector to go into, there are plenty of options for your career path. From fabrication and welding to research and distribution, the possibilities seem endless. And as the baby boomer generation begins to retire, leadership opportunities will be available for the next generation of manufacturers to take the reigns. There is always room to grow and advance your career.

There are also jobs within the manufacturing sector for those from other disciplines, such as sales and business development, marketing, human resources, and many others. These positions afford all of the benefits of working in manufacturing — the pride, stability, competitive salaries, excitement, great technology and others — to people from many different backgrounds. Not every industry can boast of the same potential and flexibility.