December 8, 2016

Back row starting left to right:
Roy Braddy, Mike Farrell, Mike Sibley, John Meyer, Nikki Law, Jayne Fifer, Tom Hayden
Front row starting left to right:
Ryan Theodore, Dr. Sherryl Weems, Lori McMullin, Kellie Hood, Joe Benz, Bissy Holden, Brian Peek, Mischelle Romesberg

Not  shown: Todd Huffstickler and John  Ferguson

Congratulations to our 2017 Board elected at the 36th Annual Awards Banquet!   They are ready to go to work and want you to jump in and help.  This is a great way to meet new friends, find  out what is going on, share your time and talent,  and have fun!  Choose a committee of interest to you or choose the person with whom you want to work.  The committees are ad hoc, do the job and be done.  You can certainly be on more than one committee.  The more volunteers the less work.  The Board will have its 2017 Planning Meeting on December 16th.  Please let me know what you want to do by December 15th, so I can let them know who is on their team.  (You can always join throughout the year.)  VMA is the success it is because of its members!   I look forward to hearing from you!

2017 Officers and Directors

Chairman                                                    Mischelle Romesberg     Edgewell Personal Care
Vice Chairman                                          Joe Benz                           Conelec Electr onic Manufacturing
Past Chairman                                          Tom Hayden                    Dynamic Business Enterprises  LLC
President/CEO                                          Jayne Fifer                       VMA


Ambassadors Division                                    Bissy Holden                Florida Health Care Plans
Awards Selection                                               John Meyer                  Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe
Finance Accounting Division                       Mike Sibley                 James Moore & Co. CPA’s
Education                                                              Dr. Sheryl Weems      Daytona State College
Government Relations                                    John Ferguson            Cobb Cole
Human Resources Division                          Kellie Hood                 Sea Ray Boats
Lou Fifer Education Golf Tournament    Mike Farrell                BellowsTech LLC
Manufacturers Showcase                               Todd Huffstickler       Vann Data
Marketing, Public Relations                        Lori McMullin             Conklin Center for the Blind
Membership Development                           
Nikki Law                TRC Staffing
Operational Excellence Division                
Ryan Theodore            Pall Corp.
Plant Tours                                                         
Brian Peek               Thompson Pump
Purchasing Division                                        
Roy Braddy               Hudson Technologies


2017 Officers and Directors

Job Specifications


Chairman                                                                                                                               Mischelle Romesberg
Serves as the chief policy maker, sets goals and agenda for the year.  Presides at board meetings. Member of the Executive Committee.

Vice Chairman                                                                                        Joe Benz
Responsible for Relevance. Oversight of the Divisions – HR, OpEx, FAD, Marketing and Sales. Develop Program Advisory Committee (e.g. Brewing New Ideas, ??)  Member of the Executive Committee.

President/CEO                                                                                                                                      Jayne Fifer
Serves as the chief executive officer and shall determine and administrate the action program for the Association.  Serves as the general operating, communications and publicity officer.  Member of the Executive Committee.

Immediate Past Chairman                                                                                                                              Tom  Hayden
Develop Workforce Development strategy.  Connect with work of the Education Committee.  Represent VMA at the Advanced Manufacturing Leadership Council. Work with Divisions to insure programming meets with this strategy. Member of the Executive Committee.


Ambassadors Division                                                                                                     Bissy Holden     
Relevance and Growth: Responsible for member retention. Helps to onboard new members. Engages the membership in VMA activities through on site member calls and a phone tree. Establishes committee to conduct required surveys, or member calls as needed. Welcomes members at the meetings.

Awards Selection             Committee                                                                                          John Meyer
Relevance and Growth: This committee shall be responsible for the selection and presentation of the VMA awards, including Manufacturer of the Year, Best Practices, Lifetime Achievement in Manufacturing (Manny), Exporter of the Year, the Schiller for the most effective manufacturing member and the Lois Fifer Memorial Award for Friend of Industry for Associates, Green Award, Innovation Award.  Potentially all will be presented at the annual Awards nigh. This committee will evaluate Awards process, criteria, volunteer training.

Awards Banquet Planning Committee                                                                     Jayne Fifer
Relevance and Growth: Help plan the 37th Annual Awards Banquet.

Finance Accounting Division/Accountant                                                              Mike Sibley         
Education and Relevance: Determines topics and speakers for the FAD meetings and workshops. Establish a strong communications network for those responsible for finance and accounting. Establish a Committee.

Education Relations Division (Dream It. Do It.)                                    Sherryl Weems                                 
Education and Relevance: Responsible for the development and implementation of the VMA number one initiative to solve the skilled labor shortage.   This includes the VMA scholarship, adoption of manufacturing- related Career Academies, the poster project at the ATC, the manufacturers speaker’s bureau, internships, Manufacturing Skills Standards Council MSSC.  Coordinating with HRD.  CareerSource Flagler Volusia Community Career Portal.

Lou Fifer Golf Tournament                                                                                          Mike Farrell      
Relevance and Growth: Plan and execute the golf tournament in the Spring. This event funds the Dream It! Do It! Education Projects. Establish a Committee.

Government Relations/Legal                                                                                   John  Ferguson                                 
Relevance: Determines government issues on local, county, state and national levels that affect local manufacturers.  Study these issues and take appropriate lobbying activities with the various representatives. Develop relationships with legislators.

Human Resources Division  (HRD)                                                                                              Kellie Hood
Education and Relevance: Determines topics and speakers for the four HRD meetings beginning in February. Present Best Practices. Establish a strong communications network for those responsible for HR. A year of connections:  Quarterly HR informal lunches in close geographic proximity (north - Ormond and Flagler county; Daytona and Port Orange; New Smyrna Beach; DeLand area - may need 2 out there). HR Directors adopt an HR person not engaged in VMA.  Continue offering credentials - HRCI's.  Establish a Committee.

OpEx Division   (Operational Excellence)                                                  Ryan  Theodore                
Education and Relevance: This division focuses on the information, education and networking needs of production and plant managers. Develops and presents lean and quality programs and workshops. Establish a Lean Consortium. Determine ASQ Certification Prep course.  Establish a Committee.

Marketing, Public Relations, Sponsorships                                                              Lori McMullin 
Growth: Responsible for overall brand management and messaging.  Evaluates marketing and public relations plan: includes Showcase at the Airport, Hall of Fame at Advanced Technology College, website, golf tournament, Manufacturers Showcase, overall brand.  Social media. Marketing and Sales Division. Establish Committee.

Membership Development/Retention                                                       Nikki Law           
Growth: Responsible to solicit Volusia and Flagler and Central Florida manufacturers to join the Association. Sell website sponsorships. Establish Committee.

Plant Tours                                                                                                                        Brian Peek                          
Relevance: Arrange eleven plant tours tentatively on the third Wednesday of the month at 9:00 AM, preferably with VMA manufacturers members, but, not exclusively as determined.  Establish a Committee.

Manufacturers Showcase                                                                             Todd Huffstickler           
Growth and Relevance: Plan and execute 11th Annual Manufacturers Showcase. Establish a Committee.

Purchasing Division                                                                                                         Roy Braddy
Determine what members wish was sourced locally.  Design methodology to connect purchasing/materials people to the local resources they need.

“We Make It Here” Movement is growing and more people know about the extraordinary manufacturers doing business in Volusia, Flagler and the surrounding counties.

Thank you for all your support for the coming year.

VMA Members Rock!