TALLAHASSEE, FL.— The Manufacturers Association of Florida (MAF) awarded Governor Rick
Scott, Senator Dorothy Hukill, and Representative MaryLynn Magar with the Manufacturing
Legislative Excellence Awards following the Annual Manufacturing Summit on November 17, 2016.
The award is given to state leaders and legislators who consistently support MAF’s mission of
improving the business climate for Florida manufacturers.
Governor Scott announced his $1 billion tax package for the 2016 session at MAF’s Annual Summit
in 2015. The plan included the permanent elimination of the sales tax on manufacturing machinery
and equipment. With both Senator Hukill and Representative Magar filing bills on the manufacturing
sales tax exemption, they each became champions for the industry. The successful passage of the
tax exemption is expected to save the industry $77 million per year. It is already allowing Florida
businesses the opportunity to expand, create new positions of employment, enter new markets and
invest in capital equipment.
“Florida is one of the highest producing states for manufacturing and our state’s leadership has
taken great steps to ensure our businesses remain competitive,” said Nancy Stephens, Executive
Director. “In the 2016 legislative session, Governor Scott, Senator Hukill, and Representative Magar
fought tirelessly for the needs of our manufacturers. Their leadership has ensured the industry will
see additional growth, revenue, and job creation in the coming years.”
The industry presently employs more than 360,000 Floridians and has added more than 14,000 jobs
over the year. “These employees and business owners rely on our government leaders to pass and
implement policies that will allow Florida to rise to the top of the field,” said Stephens. ”This year we
witnessed three of the industry’s advocates fight for not only manufacturers, but for Florida’s future
and economic sustainability.”
About the Manufacturers Association of Florida (MAF)
The MAF was formed in 2006 to improve the business climate for manufacturers in Florida. There
are some 19,000 manufacturers in Florida investing in new technology, employing highly skilled
workers and competing globally. For more information about MAF, visit www.mafmfg.com.