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Safety and Supplies

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Welcoming back workers and clients - Let's disinfect the inside

Chad Hatmaker

Soap & Sea Soft Washing

(386) 717-7672


  1. We’re family owned and operated and based out of Ormond Beach.  We are the highest rated exterior cleaning company in Volusia County.
  2. Roof Cleaning – This includes TPO roofs, which I know many manufacturing facilities have.  This helps promote a healthy building.
  3. Soft Washing/Pressure Washing – From Building Exteriors to Sidewalks, we treat the organic matter that grows and stains your building.
  4. Interior “Cleaning & Fogging” – With fogging, we can apply a disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria.  This disinfectant can be applied to the entire interior, including equipment touchpads, hand tools and other frequently touched areas.  This helps to ensure the health and safety of your employees.

Air Quality

Len Gaspary

Total Comfort


Below is a link to a video on a product that we’ve been selling and installing for several years. I’ve had one in my house for 7 or 8 years and really believe in them. There are models recommended for both residential and commercial applications. During this pandemic it could do a lot of good. I think it’s the way to go during regular times also but it does have UV which will kill viruses. Take a look at the video and forward to anyone you think could benefit or would be interested.


Facemasks and Isolation Gowns

FitUSA .Troy Olson


Cell 904-699-9129 Office (904) 342-4048 Ext 201

I will have a shipment of ASTM Standard Level 2 Face masks in my store Monday 5/4.  These are NOT N95, but work well for general use.

If you can direct any inquiries to me directly so I can manage the inventory I presently have 48,000. I have worked with Volusia County first, and wanted to help out any VMA Members next.

The cost is $1.30/ each, 50 per box.

Personal Restrictive Environment Shields

 S & B Metal Products
In light of the Covid-19 virus and social distancing advisements I wanted to let you know S&B Metal Products is currently fabricating Personal Restrictive Environment Shields ( The P.R.E.S.) for use at sales counters, office desks, retail stores, gas stations, etc. We are working on three different sizes all of which are lightweight, portable and affordable. Please see the attached photos of one of our prototypes. If you know of any members that may be in need of such a shield please forward this message on. Sizes currently available are 24”x36”, 36”x36” and 36”x48”. The ¼” thick material being used is a high strength polycarbonate resistant to cracking or breaking and the feet are painted steel or stainless steel.

SIZE (H X W) QTY 1-5 QTY 6-15 QTY 15+
24 X 36 $143.00 $113.00 $99.00
36 X 36 $170.00 $144.00 $131.00
48 X 36 $201.00 $174.00 $161.00

Hand Sanitizer

Copper Bottom

We’ve got hand sanitizer at Copper Bottom!


GoKlean has W.H.O. hand sanitizer available in quarts and gallons at this time.    If any of our members are interested, could you pass on the information and our contact details.

Quarts have a flip top cap to dispense at $ 13.14 each. Gallons at $44.76 / great for refills, or many customers using this with our 1 oz pump $2.50 to dispense at their heavy traffic areas within their facility.  Case discounts apply on orders of 10 + .We are giving away 4oz bottles per person at no charge. We are selling additional 2oz spray bottles ($3), 4oz pour bottles for $5 each, half gallons for $25, and gallons for $50. We can also ship!

Screening Checklist Sample

Staff:_  Date:  Time:  am/pm

Complete this form if staff answered yes to any questions at initial pre-entry screening.

1. Has the employee been directed to self-quarantine within the last 14 days?

Yes No

2. Is the employee showing, presenting signs or symptoms of, or disclosing the presence of a respiratory infection, including cough, fever (100.4°F or above), shortness of breath, or sore throat?

Yes No

3. Has the employee traveled through any airport or on a cruise ship within the past 14 days?

Yes No

4. Has the employee been in contact with any individual(s) who have or are under investigation with COVID-19 within the past 14 days?

Yes No

If yes has been answered to questions 1 – 3, the employee will be sent home. The employee must contact HR and obtain a doctor’s note clearing them to return to work. The employee completing this screening will complete this form and forward to the program director.


Cole Parmer offers an array of scientific equipment.

URL: Contact Us from Cole-Parmer