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American Technical Furniture:

Our Company has a design & manufacturing facility in Volusia County.

We are ready to quickly, and efficiently work with clients to design, manufacture, and supply COVID compliant products to Educators, Offices, Healthcare facilities etc.

Whether it is safe desk spaces, sneeze shields, work from home stations… ‘IF YOU CAN SKETCH IT, WE CAN BUILD IT’.
Please contact me for further information.

Heath Jones
Director Of Sales & Marketing
Office: 386.252.1348
Cell: 386.478.3318
Email: [email protected]

GRD has machine space available

Manufacturing Capabilities

GRD Biomechanics is a small manufacturing company based in Daytona Beach, FL, that produces a patented knee brace for recovery and injury maintenance. We have designed and manufactured this brace from start to finish in order to bring this product to market. We also offer manufacturing services for small to mid-size companies as well as individuals. In addition, we are an FDA registered manufacturer (3014826829).

What we Offer:

3-Axis CNC Milling

Using our HAAS TM-1, we can manufacture your product using a variety of metals and composites such as plastics, aluminum, and steel. This machine has the capability of milling parts up to 12”x30”x16” (X,Y,Z) while keeping a tight tolerance.

3-Axis CNC Routing

The CAMaster Stinger II CNC router table can manufacture parts using larger sheets of wood, plastics, composite materials, and soft alloys. This machine is able to mill parts up to 36” X 48” X 6” (X,Y,Z), while maintaining a tight tolerance. Typically our manufacturing team uses this machine for cutting a high quantity of small parts from a large sheet to save on costs.

3D Printing

Is CNC not for you quite yet? We have a full bank of ten 3D printers from Markforged and FormLabs that are guaranteed to give you a fully custom, high quality print in a wide range of materials. We also use our 3D printers to create molds for silicone and tooling/fixtures for a variety of manufacturing applications.

CAD Design (Solidworks, Fusion)

If you have a napkin drawing (like all good ideas start) but want to bring it to life, reach out to us so we can professionally draw out your million-dollar idea. We also design all of our tooling/fixtures in-house to help you complete your project. This saves enormous time and allows us to get your parts to you quicker.

Mike Geldart
GRD Biomechanics
Founder and CEO
[email protected]
(304) 594-8034

CMG Pro Security

Offering special rates for VMA members at a discount from our standard hourly rate and will be glad to discuss this with any new clients during our initial security assessment and evaluation.

We understand that our role as a security agency is to prepare for virtually any scenario that may happen on our clients’ property and we want the VMA to know that we have taken every measure that we can to ensure this holds true in the future. We also understand that our roles and responsibilities as a security provider will be changing and very dynamic in the coming days and weeks. We have been working with multiple local companies with implementation of employee and visitor screening through verbal confirmation and remote temperature sensor checks. These precautions have shown to be very successful in keeping workforces and visitors safe and secure and we will continue to refine our processes with each individual clients’ needs.

We are currently operating with a roster of 105 licensed security officers and are also in a hiring phase so that we may be able to assist with any new client requests for service. We have unarmed and armed officers available for any type of security need. Property patrols, day time and night time assignments, visitor/employee screening, CCTV monitoring and fire watches are just a few services that VMA members may need in the near future and we are prepared to help.

Brian Bentley
Director of CMG Pro Security
CMG Pro Security
1142 Pelican Bay Drive
Daytona Beach, Florida 32119
Office: 386.760.3790 x 110
Cellular: 386.689.0572
Facsimile: 386.760.3961
Florida State License #A-1400247, B-1000133, DS-1200012
New York State License #11000196949
Tennessee License #13366