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Promotion from within is a creed in which we have always believed and practiced wherever possible. Our key people grew up in the organization and were graduates, if you will, of one or another of our training programs. For example, our Management Training Program is a semi-formal on-the-job training program which helps individuals who qualify to accelerate advancement into Sales Manager positions.

We believe in decentralization, true opportunity for individuals to succeed within the limits of their own capabilities and, above all else, opportunity to share in the risk and profit of our operations. This means that we offer base salaries and monthly bonuses to our employees. The higher people rise in our organization, the more their total compensation increases, all related to results actually created, the outcome of which translates into some rather amazing incomes.

We like to believe that our organization practices true modern capitalistic philosophy which, oversimplified, means we each share in the results created in proportion to our contribution to these results.

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