Friend of Industry Award

Presented to the Service Partner member who has done the most to further the interests of manufacturing and the VMA.

Lisa Stephan, Spherion Staffing

Reason for selection: Lisa's consistent dedication to the mission of VMA.


Karl Schiller Member of the Year Award

Presented to the VMA Manufacturer member who has made the most significant contribution to the success of VMA.

Mischelle Romesberg, VMA Chairman
Edgewell Personal Care

Reason for selection: Four year commitment, leadership, dedication, and enthusiasm.

Best Practice Award

Recognizes the manufacturer with exceptional practices.

CO2Meter, Inc.

Maker of CO2 gas detection and monitoring devices.

Reason for Selection: Superior Customer Service

Green Award

Presented to the company with practices and policies that show sustainability and environmental leadership.

Costa Del Mar

Makes the Untangled Sunglass Collection

Reason for Selection: Developed in partnership with Bureo in Chile. Product made entirely from resin made with recycle fishing nets – the ocean’s most dangerous form of ocean plastic pollution.

Social Responsibility Award

Companies are no longer only assessed on traditional metrics. Today their success is judged on their relationships with their workers, customers, communities and their impact on society at large. VMA recognizes this profound change, thus instituting this new award. Each of these award winners’ approach this change in unique ways.

ABB Installation Products

Makes Electrician products that connects your home to electricity.

Reason for Selection: reduced carbon footprint in Ormond Beach; removed red (leaded) PVC; installed waste treatment system and reduced enough liquid waste to provide the addition of a small subdivision; recycle rubber, PVC, cardboard, aluminum, GEL recycling corrugated materials, blue spools, wood pallets repaired and returned, implemented fast rubber cure that reduces cycle time, scrap and waste; team contributed time and money to local high schools, YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, Fraternal Order of Police, theater and the VMA, this year hosting a teacher extern in the summer.

Costa Del Mar

Makes the world’s clearest polarized performance sunglasses and prescription sunglasses.

Reason for Selection: Kick Plastic campaign to raise awareness of the growing plastic pollution problem threatening oceans worldwide. Internally, documented single-use plastic used in operational areas, in last year recycled nine tons of scrap polycarbonate lenses, reduced use of biodegradable bubble wrap in packaging by 56%, all new employees receive Kick Plastic bag and water bottle to use at work and home. Externally, developed Kick Plastic Guide and Outfitter Program in 2016 to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles from guide boats and outfitter lodges throughout North America. In two years, 585 guides and outfitters switched from disposable to reusable water bottles.

Everglades Boats

Makes high-quality boats

Reason for Selection: Team Everglades Employee Relief Fund (TEERF) offers financial support to employees experiencing financial crisis through no fault of their own. Established after Hurricane Irma for impacted employees with no insurance. Confidential employee generated and managed program. Continues to assist those faced with losses such as death of family members, disaster and emergency medical expenses.

Teledyne Marine

Makes subsea electrical and fiber optic interconnect systems for the harshest environments and at any ocean depth.

Reason for Selection: Multi-faceted approach to serving communities in Volusia County. Focus on the employee donations of time, goods and funds: adopted nursing home for Valentine’s Day; gave blood for employee’s Mom; collected 500 lbs. of cat food when Halifax Humane Society called to say they needed cat food; cleaned up beached; raise money for the Halifax Urban Ministries; provide work experience for the residents of the Conklin Center for the Blind; provide equipment and expertise for local educational programs such as the ATC, Spruce Creek High School’s AITR and the VMA Lou Fifer Education Golf Tournament.


We Make It Here! Education Champion Award

Recognizes the individual who contributed most to building awareness of the career opportunities in manufacturing with the 16-26-year-old age group.

Chris DeRosier, STEM Lab Director
Galaxy Middle School

Reason for Selection:
Chris’ determination to find every resource available to give students best and latest tools to help them learn. Spending extraordinary personal time to make it happen. Writing grants, etc. With receipt of first 3D printer from VMA, set up a Makerspace in Media Center, then developed a STEM lab that now is housed in three buildings.


Manufacturer of the Year <50 Employees

Recognizes the area’s top manufacturing company in this category.

Zeno's Boardwalk Sweet Shop - World's Most Famous Taffy

Makes 100 different flavors the nostalgic boardwalk candy.

Reason for Selection: Increased taffy production from 9,000 lbs. to 400,000 lbs. per year; expanded from original site on Main Street, opened retail shop in Madeira Beach and St. Augustine; and factory in the Sunshine Mall. Maintains a culture of continuous improvement.


Manufacturer of the Year >50 Employees

Recognizes the area’s top manufacturing company in this category.


Makes mobile and modular units that provide critical aseptic (free from contamination) control
and high levels of biocontainment.

Reason for Selection: Increased revenue over 80% from last year; increased employee count by 39%; moved to larger facility; response to market introducing new bioGO compounding pharmacy trailers; exports to every continent except Antarctica; made profound impact on mitigating tuberculosis – biggest world public health threat today with nearly one-third of global population infected; engendering a positive and professional atmosphere with a basketball court, ping pong table the birthday push up count that earns employees money.

Special Thanks to Dave Pizzo, Community Promotional Services for the
MultiMedia Presentation and Photography