What is FAME?

The Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME) is an employer-led program to provide and manage career pathways which produce global-best, entry level talent to member employers in key occupational fields. The goal is to address and resolve workforce problems with talent acquisition by providing workers in sufficient numbers based on each member employer’s need, on time, and of global-best talent to ensure business competitiveness. The program includes a strong employer-college activity in which both parties work together in close partnership to mutually promote, guide, manage, and co-educate students in the core Advanced Manufacturing Technician (AMT) Program.

Why this Program?

It is considered by many national and workforce leaders to be the best apprentice program in the U.S. These include the National Association of Manufacturers and the Manufacturing Institute in Washington, D.C.; the National Career Pathways Network (NCPN), the largest career pathway organization in America, who recognized it as the best career pathway in the U.S. in 2013 and in 2018 designated it as the benchmark program for other career pathways to follow; Project Lead The Way, a highly respected national STEM organization with 13,500 programs in U.S. schools; the Hope Street Group which, after a comprehensive national study, designated it the best U.S. program; WorkingNation, which made a video about it named “Model of the Future,” and more

Does it Work?

Nearly 300 other employers think so, including well-recognized names like Toyota, GE, Hershey, Caterpillar, Ford, Tyson, Jack Daniels, Snap-on, Georgia Pacific, Nike, Link-Belt, Dow, Hitachi, Dana, Kimberly-Clark, Bosch, and more. The successful graduation rate is significantly higher than traditional technical college programs, as is the post-graduation hire rate. It’s built on an educational “pull-system” address the need for sufficient numbers. It’s lead by the employers and so content, experience, and coordination are much more aligned to actual industry needs, helping to address educational quality and work readiness. It has a structured recruiting model, is expandable to other needed occupations in manufacturing, and is not a commercial, for-profit program.

The Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education  (FAME) is a  nationally recognized program based on Toyota’s Advanced Manufacturing Technician (AMT) program. The earn-while-you-learn model provides students the pathway to earn an industry recognized degree while gaining valuable experience at a sponsoring company. In two years, graduates of the program earn an Engineering Technology Associate of Science degree, and log approximately 1,800 paid on-the-job hours at their sponsoring company. Click here to see all required courses.

If selected, students participate in the 40+ hour per week training program where they attend college two days a week and work three days a week (at least 24 hours) at their sponsoring company.

Why is FAME the right choice for you?

As a student, you will find:

  • Career development throughout the program, leading to potential employment at an advanced level
  • Enhanced soft skills and professional practices including work attendance, initiative, interpersonal relations, teamwork, communication, and more
  • Potentially zero student-loan debt

Business and Employers will find: 

  • Increased level of skill of the employees in the manufacturing industry
  • Opportunities to promote the manufacturing industry within the community
  • A ready workforce pipeline of well trained employees

Program Eligibility

Employers will review and select potential students on the following criteria:

  • Be 18 years of age by program start date
  • Have a Standard High School Diploma or GED
  • Be a US citizen or eligible for work in the US
  • Demonstrate academic success as measured through grades and class rank
  • Meet placement test score requirements
  • Commitment to remaining drug-free

Continued Eligibility Requirements

  • Minimum of C or better in all courses throughout the program
  • Minimum of “satisfactory” on all work evaluations throughout the program

    Click Here for FAME Application


  • Global best, entry level talent for your company.
  • Long term solution to technical workforce hiring needs, targeting to both numbers and quality.
  • Ready trained Lean talent to help transform your company to Lean practices, or further strengthen your in-place practice.
  • Higher community profile and significant PR for your company in your community.
  • Membership in a local employer collaborative to share ideas, benchmark best practices, discuss key problems (do other have experience/solutions?), share in community initiatives and more.
  • Membership in a program which will expand its occupations scope to improve workforce acquisition for other positions beyond skilled technicians.
  • Impactful workplace practices which you can import into your company.
  • Access related to FAME which can improve your company.
Key Employer Responsibilities
  • Attend VMA FL FAME Sunshine Chapter meetings
  • Sponsor students per your company need (students work for you 3 days and go to school 2 days each week. You pay students for the three days a week they work for you)
  • Provide the “start-up package for each of your sponsor AMT students (5 shirts, pocket cards, student portfolio).
  • Provide a company banner for display at the Daytona State Advanced Technology Center (ATC) where the class are held.
  • Assist with recruiting visits/activities.
  • Ensure completion of the required company-side task lists for your sponsored AMT students (they all make sense for needs on your floor)
  • Attend all End-of-Semester presentations for cohorts for the AMT sponsored students
  • has sponsored AMT students.
  • In conjunction with the larger chapter abide by the requirements of the
  • Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the local FAME chapter and Daytona State College.
  • Send, at company expense, representatives to the FAME conference in
  • partnership with other local employers (not an every year requirement).
  • Send, at company expense, representatives to the NCPN conference in partnership
  • with other local employers (not an every year requirement, 2/chapter/year).
  • Send, at company expense, AMT students to the FAME conference in partnership
  • with other local employers (not an every year requirement, 2/chapter/year).

Student Application: http://daytonastate.edu/FAME/

National Website: http://fame-usa.com

For More Information Contact:

Arthur L. Loeffler CPA
Chairman – Volusia Manufacturing Association
Board Member – Career Source Volusia Flagler
Chief Financial Officer – Dynamic Engineering Innovations, Inc. (FKA American Radionic Company Inc.)
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