Ex-Im Bank for U.S. Exporters

Increase your Export Sale!

Worried about buyer nonpayment?  Went to enter a new foreign market or expand your sales in an existing one?  Need help with buyer financing or accessing additional credit?  We can help! The Export-Import Bank of the U.S. (Ex-Im Bank) is the federal government’s office export credit agency, and helping American exporters succeed is our mission.

At Ex-Im Bank, we know competing in foreign markets can be tricky.  That’s why our products are designed to take the worry out of exporting and give you the competitive edge to win more sales.  Through our export credit insurance and lender loan guarantees, we’ll assume the commercial and political risks the private sector won’t or can’t.

We provide U.S. companies with Export Credit Insurance that extends credit, protects against buyer nonpayment, and increases your working capital.


  • Minimizes political and commercial risks of buyer nonpayment (up to 95%)
  • Lets you extend attractive credit terms to foreign buyers (up to 360 days)
  • Increases your company’s borrowing capacity and improves cash flow by assigning your foreign receivables to lenders
  • Allows you to cover one buyer or your entire portfolio
  • Makes funds available to fulfill your sales orders

We offer Term Financing for international buyers of U.S. capital goods or services


  • Eliminates your risk of buyer nonpayment
  • Extends repayment terms to customers at competitive rates
  • Increases your international competitiveness by offering financing support to your buyers
  • We offer Working Capital Guarantees enabling small and medium-sized U.S. exporters to obtain credit lines for the production of goods or services.


  • Makes funds available to fulfill your sales orders
  • Turns your inventory and accounts receivable into eligible collateral for your lender
  • Covers standby letters of credit used as performance or bid bonds
  • Offer expedited application turnaround

Put full faith and credit of the U.S. government to work for your company, and expand your international business today!

Ex-Im Bank’s experienced Export Finance Managers are ready to help U.S. businesses win sales worldwide.  They will also answer questions and expedited the application process.  Simply call 800-565-3946 and select option 2.  Learn more at http://www.exim.gov

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