Over 400 teens and college students jumped into hands-on experiences – from a mobile planetarium to robots to ‘bottle stomps’ – during DSC’s fourth annual STEM Expo at the college’s News-Journal Center on Jan. 29.

“Each year, we aim to show students how STEM disciplines are in play everywhere, in exciting and novel ways,” said LaKisha Holmes, who heads up Daytona State’s STEM scholars program. 

The Expo’s featured speakers offered proof positive of the curious ways STEM works in daily life, from leisure activities like surfing the big wave to dancing or playing music to uncovering super hero science:  KEYNOTE - Dr. Pamela McCauley - Why STEM is the Key to Your $uccess;Dr. Stephanie Pasley - Dance Your Way to Math;Professor Brianna Kurtz - Super heroes and STEM; Dr. John Picione - Super Surfing with Science. 

Throughout the expo, students explored demonstrations and hands-on sessions with diverse organizations and companies (read more) and took part in hands-on STEM demonstrations by Dr. Jennifer Bell & the DSC Science Club, Dr. Tom Swain, Dr. Gajendra Tulsian and Math/Science College of Education faculty. 

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STEM Expo 2016 dazzles over 400 students