Manufacturing Career Posters at the Advanced Technology College in Daytona Beach

And High Schools in Volusia and Flagler Counties

Picture YOUR Company Message with Career Opportunities at the ATC Building Our Future Workforce

Manufacturing has a skilled worker shortage. The reason we have such a skilled labor shortage is because people do not know we still manufacture in America, let alone Volusia and Flagler counties. It is up to us to solve this problem.

Here is one of many solutions VMA is pursuing:

Picture this: a permanent display of what we make in a centrally located facility that houses
manufacturing classes and that hundreds of students and adults tour all year. Picture the walls of the Advanced Technology College (ATC) on Williamson and LPGA covered with posters and banners of the products we make and the jobs/careers we have available.

The ATC wants its students to see where they could go to work and they have opened their doors, or actually their walls, to us to show what we have.

The details:
Purpose: Build community awareness of manufacturing in Volusia and Flagler counties to encourage people to consider jobs/careers in manufacturing

Location: Advanced Technology College, 1770 Technology Blvd., Daytona Beach

Goal: 60 manufacturers to display their company, its products and the skills needed

Format: PVC 3 ml

Spaces: 37 - 8' h x 10'w 3 equal 3' 4" panels (vertical seam)
6 - 8' h x 8' w 2 equal 4' x 8' panels (vertical seam)
17 - 8' h x 4' w

Placement of display: First come, first serve, manufacturers choose location (could be in the following corridors - Machinists, CAD/Drafting, HVAC, Automotive, Simulation, Computer Science, Interior Design)
(we have a map and/or I could meet you at the ATC to walk thru so you can select your site)

Presentation: show who you are, the products you make and all the careers and jobs at your company (this is a permanent display, so no just what is available now)

How to sign up: call VMA office, VMA will review content

Length of Display: planned to be permanent

Sign Printing and Design: RGU Color, 124 Bay St., Daytona Beach 386.252.9979
VMA member, Dennis Fogell, RGU Color, a sign printing and design company, to develop those standards. He has agreed to produce the signs at a 40% discount for the printing of the sign and a $65/hour design fee, if you need it. You can submit your art to him. And you are not required to use RGU, if you have a preferred vendor. We do ask that you use the prescribed specs.

Cost: Only cost to design and produce
37 spots 8' h x 10' w $ 390.60
6 spots 8' h x 8' w $ 312.48
17 spots 8' h x 4' w $ 156.24
Plus tax

Cost for design: $65/hour at RGU Color (many companies have used their own designer)

Why the ATC:
Visibility: the manufacturing classes are held here, it would show where the students would work
Visibility: it is an event venue - about 5-6 events are held there each week; students of all ages tour the facility
Visibility: there is no manufacturing focal point in Volusia or Flagler counties and the ATC is centrally located

Call VMA at 386.673.0505 to be part of the skills shortage solution.

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