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 American Radionics

Date: September 16, 2020
Time: 9:00-10:00 AM
Location: 32 Hargrove Grade, Palm Coast, FL 32137       Phone: (386) 445-6000

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Innovation Award Winner

American Radionics

Leading Manufacturer of Motor-Run Capacitors

Founded in 1939, American Radionics Co. is a family owned and operated manufacturer of film dielectric, motor-run and power factor correction capacitors.  Holding over 50 patents and trademarks, the company has an 80-year history of providing high quality capacitors and superior customer service, at competitive prices to a wide variety of industries.  Many innovations have become industry standards.

The new, patent-pending, Compressor Protector Terminal (CPT) on our motor-run capacitors is an innovation designed to protect the air-conditioner’s compressor from premature failure related to the use of various hard-start kits being sold today.

Air conditioning contractors have been selling capacitor-based hard-start kits to home-owners, to extend the life of older air-conditioners and to improve starting efficiency.  In developing our own hard-start kit, we discovered an industry wide engineering flaw.  The addition of a hard-start kit will lead to premature compressor failure, in instances where the hard-start kit causes the compressor to start and run, without the motor-run capacitor.  This leads to extremely high operating amps and compressor temperatures, damaging the compressor, and potentially the rest of the air conditioner.

Our CPT completely separates the hard-start from the compressor at the motor-run capacitor.  This prevents the air conditioner, with a failed motor-run capacitor from starting, and prevents expensive repairs.  Our CPT works with any currently available hard-start kit.

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