It Will Take a Village!

As you all know the permanent elimination of the sales tax exemption for manufacturing machinery and equipment has been filed in the House and the Senate for 2016; it is in the Governor's legislative proposals, Enterprise Florida's legislative proposals and the Florida Chamber legislative proposals. Given the fiscal impact of the bill, tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue to the state sales tax fund, this will not be an easy win. We need your help!!


On Tuesday, November 24, MAF held a teleconference to talk about our plans for engaging all of you in your regions in a grassroots advocacy effort for the next 3 months, in addition to the Capitol lobbying team, social media, press and political campaign contributions. If you would be willing to donate just 10% of your tax savings on the manufacturing machinery and equipment you purchased in the last 18 months, it would go a long way to engaging the team of professionals we need to launch a winning advocacy effort. Rep. Rodrigues kicked off the teleconference for us on November 24, as he has been appointed by the House Finance & Tax Committee Chairman, Matt Gaetz, to convince his committee members that our sales tax exemption is the right thing to do. Thank you to those who participated!


But that is not all, we have asked all our regional manufacturing associations to ask their manufacturing members to contact their members of the House Finance & Tax Committee in person, by letter, or by phone to tell their manufacturing stories and share why this tax exemption is important. We are asking each one of you to do one thing, or many things, to engage your legislators.


We have released a proposed plan and collateral materials - sample letters, fact sheets, talking points, support sheets, FAQsMME questionnaire for manufacturers, and more. December is the perfect time to make that appointment with your legislator - in person or by phone. We can't afford to lose this for lack of engagement. For contact information of legislators in your area, contact Nancy Stephens.