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Our Founder Lou Fifer

Ode To Moving On...
by Lou Fifer

From 1980 for twenty-five years – 30% of my lifetime, I have devoted my strict vocational attention to the Volusia Manufacturers Association (VMA) and the encouragement and promotion of manufacturing in our community.

Accomplishments have been made. Countless acquaintances have been made and enjoyed. Yes, some heart breaks and disappointments have been encountered but collectiveness and cooperation has overridden and today from five to nearly two hundred corporations have been involved, not to mention the many who have come and gone for various reasons. Teamwork through volunteers, plus education, motivation and organization have been rules of the day.

Now as we move on, a word to the wise. Do stick together. Stay a professional, free enterprise association. Continue to cooperate and encourage manufacturing as a career for fellow citizens. It has a future!

As VMA has always done, inform, educate and network. Sell and promote. Spend time, money and effort to be “for” things and not “against” things. Pro-activity has been our hallmark and is the way for a successful future.

Be for Americanism, capitalism and free enterprise; doing so with a positive vigor. Don’t take government hand-outs or subsidies. Fund for yourself. In the end, you will make the next twenty-five years as good as or better than the initial twenty-five.

Thanks for being involved,

Lou Fifer
Founder, President and CEO  1980 - 2005                                                        Daytona Beach, Florida