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Best Practice Awards

Recognizes the manufacturer with exceptional practices.

Daytona Glass Works

Reason for selection: For offering exceptional employee benefits and perks, including a cruise in 2019 for the entire plant and their families.

Friend Of The Industry Award

Presented to the Service Partner member who has done the most to further the interests of manufacturing and the VMA.

Amy Monahan Volusia County Schools

Reason for selection: For her extensive effort in coordinating, collecting supplies and funds, and marketing the robot brawl. Which earned nine schools hundreds of dollars each and bringing over 1000 people to attend the brawl.

Best Practice Awards


Reason for selection:For the creation of packets that revolutionized the way new hires are trained, which include a wealth of useful information and tools to help these new hires gain as much knowledge as possible

Green Award

Presented to the company with practices and policies that show sustainability and environmental leadership.


Reason for selection: For their extensive efforts in reducing their companies impact on the environment through solar energy, LED lighting, and preserving the natural environment around their building as well as recycling materials.

Best Practice Awards

Makes subsea electrical and fiber optic interconnect systems for the harshest environments and at any ocean depth.

Teledyne Marine

Reason for selection:For increasing their work hours by 33,000 in a year while simultaneously reducing record-able incident rates.

Karl Schiller Member of the Year Award

Presented to the VMA Manufacturer member who has made the most significant contribution to the success of VMA.

Bruce Sousa Hilomast LLC

Reason for selection: For the involvement and extensive support in many events such as the Lou Fifer Education Golf Tournament and the Robot Brawl.

Best Practice Awards

WORC Woodshop

Reason for selection: For moving beyond the piecework payment to paying minimum wage and creating the process to safely train and employ those who were once considered unemployable.

We Make It Here! Champion Award

Recognizes the individual who contributed most to building awareness of the career opportunities in manufacturing with the 16-26-year-old age group.

American Radionics

Reason for selection: For contirbuting the most to building awareness of career oppurtunities. Mainly for their partnership with Flagler Palm Coast and Matanzas High School which lead to 50 students learning about various careers in manufacturing and their sponsorship of the Flagler Palm Coast High School's robotics team.

Best Practice Awards

SPARTON Value Stream Transformation

Reason for selection: For their value stream transformation allowing them to completely evaluate all of their production processes and delivered a production line with almost 10 percent more capacity and 25 percent less labor capacity all within 25 percent less floor space.

Hall of Fame "Manny" Award

Mel Mathisen Daytona Glass Works, LLC

Reason for selection: For majoring in the fiber optic's industry.

Innovation Award


Reason for selection:For their commitment to pairing students with manufacturing companies so that they can earn living and schooling expenses while working in their field of study and earning their two-year degree at the same time debt free.

Manufacturer of the Year Under 50 Employees

Recognizes the area’s top manufacturing company in this category.

Pentair-Pelican Water

Reason for selection: For experiencing 30 percent growth in 2019, increasing their in home sales by over 150 percent and their retail sales by over 200 percent from last year.

Innovation Award

ABB Installation Products

Reason for selection: For their solution which speeds manufacturing cycle times by a factor of four, is designed for quick change over in product families and provides learning and technical advancement opportunities for their team members.

Manufacturer of the Year Over 50 Employees

Recognizes the area’s top manufacturing company in this category.

Vermeer MV Solutions

Reason for selection: For being the industry leader in manufacturing vacuum excavation equipment and for their back to back 50 percent growth over three years.

Innovation Award

American Radionics

Reason for selection: For their compressor protector terminal (CPT) which is designed to specifically prevent the hard start of a compressor in the event of a failed capacitor avoiding permanent damage to the compressor.