2014, by any standard of measurement, was our best year yet since our founding in 1980!  We have the best members in the world!

Thank you for making this a most amazing year!

The VMA strategic plan has the BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) for VMA to be the #1 Manufacturers Association in the State (many think we are already there.) The three Key Thrusts to get us there are:

Education - increase awareness of the career opportunities in manufacturing to end the skilled labor shortage

Relevance - insure members receive and perceive value for their membership

Growth – to increase membership

Here are our accomplishments:

New This Year!

  • Hired a new staff person – Jessica Lovatt, VP Sales and Marketing
  • CEO Leadership Series – our CEO’s shared their paths to success
  • Rolled out a new website designed by CompuSys
  • Jayne wrote the first chapter for Introduction to Manufacturing course with the  MAF/TRADE (to be available online in 2015)
  • History of Manufacturing exhibit at the Halifax History Museum
  • Monthly Manufacturing Radio interview on WNDB thanks to Homewood Suites
  • Programs held on west side of Volusia County
  • Manufacturing Month
  • Established a social media program
  • Changed merchant services, reduced fees, able to take credit cards at meetings
  • Added this to signature

VMA…Your Value-Added Manufacturing Alliance

Connecting Manufacturers to Each Other and the Community


  • Membership increased 23% with 40 new members, we now have 180 corporate members

Marketing and PR

Speeches (Jayne Fifer, President/CEO)

  • 3/5 Flagler Ec Dev
  • 4/2 Edgewater Ec Dev
  • 4/24 Ormond Chamber Leadership
  • 5/29 STEM Forum
  • 6/5 Port Orange Rotary
  • 6/27 One Volusia
  • 8/5 VCS Academy Directors – Advisory Committees
  • 8/13 Ormond Chamber Ec Dev
  • 9/2 Daytona Kiwanis Club
  • 11/8 Halifax Historical Museum


Volusia County Business Beat 

  • 8/18 Jayne Fifer, President/CEO  interview
  • 10/12 Showcase

Print Coverage - Over 90 stories, announcements, editorials


  • Monthly WNDB
  • Showcase WNDB, WNZF, WELE

First Ever History of Manufacturing Exhibit at the Halifax Historical Museum

October was Manufacturing Month! And we were out there!
Where is VMA?  Everywhere!

Our goal was to change the misperceptions people have of manufacturing.

We easily spoke to 3000 people during the month that helped make Florida the number one state for Manufacturing Month activities from our CEO’s speaking to the city and county councils and commissions, speakers in the schools, plant tours, and live student projects.

 In the Classrooms:

  • October 13 Jon Hatcher, Product Development Engineer, Teledyne Oil and Gas, speaks to the New Smyrna Beach High School Academy of Engineering about his career path – ERAU, intern at Teledyne, now an engineer going to oil rigs. Challenged students to work on a live engineering project called ROV-Operated Latching Mechanism.
  • October 27 Steve Ritter, Jennifer Jones, Ari Gordon present the VMA Introduction to Manufacturing speech to DeLand High School Engineering Academy. Here is what Peter Policke, Academy Director said: “WOW - today's presentation was the best that has come to my classroom!!!  We have had a number of guest speakers and presentations over the years, but today's event was fantastic and raised the bar!  The organization, information, activities, and videos were great.  The timing and flow of each session was smooth and appropriate.  Students remarked how "cool" and friendly Mr. Ritter, Mr. Gordon, and Ms. Jones were, how well they related to them, and their presentations really got them thinking more of opportunities in engineering and manufacturing right here in Volusia County.  Some students stood a bit higher seeing video clips of the same companies their parents work for, and a student in our last session took a picture of the pacemaker cap and forwarded it - with pride - to his dad who works at Hudson.”

Touring the Manufacturers:

  • October 14 Bob’s Space Racers  Working on a gaming project call “Wack a Crab: the Mainland High School Robotics Simulation Academy wanted to learn how from the masters.  Ops Director tells students they can send him questions and offers to help in classroom.  Same group tours VMA History of Manufacturing Display at Halifax Historical Museum, complete a scavenger hunt.  Ate Pizza.
  • October 16 VMA Plant Tour, Momentive Performance Materials, 703 South Street, New Smyna Beach
  • October 22 VMA Plant Tour, Duraline, 1731 Patterson Ave., DeLand

At the City and County Council and Commission Meetings:

Our CEO’s were there talking about manufacturing -

  • Peter Truslow, Edgewater Powerboats, Edgewater
  • Elisha Bethany, UltraSpeed/Universal Packaging, Orange City and Deltona
  • Bret Schmitz, Hudson Technologies, Ormond Beach
  • Gary Davies, Sandvik, Palm Coast and Flagler Economic Development Group
  • Nick Matarese, Momentive, New Smyrna Beach
  • Mark Andrews, GHSP/Hudson, Volusia County Council
  • Mike McGrew, Covidien, DeLand
  • Bill Thompson, Thompson Pump, Port Orange
  • Bill Gallagher, SolarFit, Holly Hill
  • Wayne Van Orden, Naarden, Daytona Beach

Quick Take Surveys Collected (our members have a need or a question, we put out an e-mail and BAM! We get immediate results.)

  • Safety Glasses
  • Cabinets for computers
  • Lean tour
  • Manufacturing Month

What Your Golf Tournament Dollars Supported

  • Multi meter to read currents for the New Smyrna Beach HS Engineering Academy
  • Transportation, substitute teachers and the pizza for the Mainland HS Simulation and Robotics Academy
  • Showcase Robotics Competition Prizes
  • Middle School Robotics Teams
  • These signs are showing up all over the area

Our manufacturers hosted seven Plant Tours. The Human Resources Division had five presentations and three regional lunch meetings.  The Finance Accounting Division held four meetings. The Manufacturing Excellence Division held two workshops and two ASQ prep courses.

We had five CEO Leadership presentations, see these excellent presentations at  http://vmaonline.com/volusia-county-business-beat/

The Lou Fifer Golf Tournament was sold out and what a good time everyone had raising money for our Education programs.  It is so good to have money to distribute to the students and teachers that need it.

The 8th Annual Manufacturers Showcase on  October 2nd at ERAU was the largest turnout ever – 95 exhibitors and 1500 attendees.  Watch the video at http://vmaonline.com/volusia-county-business-beat/


Student Plant Tours

  • 5/1 SCHS AITR at Teledyne 40 students
  • 10/14 MHS Simulation and Robotics Academy tours Bob’s Space Racers, HHM History of Manufacturing
  • 11/5 AITR juniors tour Command to see lean processes
  • 11/20  AITR freshman to tour Rotomation, Hudson and Germfree

Speakers in the Academies

  • 9/24 Speaker Training in Daytona and DeLand
  • 10/13 Jon Hatch, Teledyne at NSBHS Engineering Academy
  • 10/27 DeLand HS Engineering Academy

Design Projects

  • Teledyne with NSBHS Engineering Academy next generation of undersea connectors
  • Bob’s Space Racers with MHS Simulation Robotics Academy “Whac a Crab”
  • Command with SCHS AITR Jrs. Lean production line

Career/College Fairs

  • 2/7 STEM Expo at DSC
  • 2/27 Flagler/Palm Coast
  • 10/14 VCS at Mainland

Donations (Quick Take Survey)

  • Safety glasses
  • Computer cabinets
  • Lean Tour

Career Connection Cadre

  • Jayne Fifer, Norman Lane, Wayne Van Orden, Christine Langley
  • Partnership Committee Christine Langley and Jayne Fifer, Chair
  • Developed Career Connection Academy Advisory Committee Booklet (to be used to help recruit manufacturers to Advisory Committees) Christine Langley and Jayne Fifer


  • Volusia County Schools Academy Awards
  • Many thank you notes


  • Met all benchmarks
  • Recognized as a Best Practice for this Project:
    • Held three regional Human Resource Division meetings to discuss TRADE student internships, hiring and recruitment, plus “Industry Certifications Preferred”. Distributed student resumes, TRADE flyers (for companies to help recruit, put at their front desks) and preferential hiring flyer. (16 manufacturing companies participated)

Manufacturing Rocks!